I collected the map data with a GPS. Feel free to download the map to Google Earth and make improvements. If you send me your updates, I'll publish them here and gladly give you the credit. My Gmail address is kenneth dot jones.

Hint: To view in 3D, be sure to enable 3D Terrain in Google Earth. Instructions here.

View/Edit Map in Google Earth (Get the free Google Earth here.) Just double-click the KMZ file and Google Earth will automatically import the trails and zoom to them.

Barboursville Park map Features: Parking Spots for Bikers and Hikers (12), Park Benches (11), Trail Signs: Drew's Lookout, Devil's Hollow, Farm View Trail, 0.2 Mile Loop, 0.6 Mile Loop, Rest Stop, Radio Tower 0.6 Miles, To Shelter, Walking Trails 1 Mile, Vehicle Gates (5), Picnic Tables (3), Picnic Shelters (2), Radio Antennas (2), Unexplored Trails (2), Geocaches (1) ...

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